M'Chigeeng-Western Wind Energy Research Partnership


Nov 16, 2021 - Only ONE completed survey, Miigwech!

M'Chigeeng members will receive two copies of the same survey, they are identical, you only need to complete one. We mailed a first batch to everyone in the summer of 2021, and a second batch in fall 2021. As we do not keep identifying information attached to the surveys, we don't know who exactly resonded to the batch 1 version.


How did our Collaboration Start?

The first discussions about a partnership between M'Chigeeng First Nation and Western University started in 2015 when a team from the Department of Geography (hyperlink) approached the leadership of M’Chigeen First Nation.

A Commitment to Collaboration

M'Chigeeng Chief and Council approved the research partnership and adopted a Band Council Resolution on August 1st, 2018, then extended it in September 2020.

In accordance with the Band Council Resolution, the project sought and received the ethic approval from the Manitoulin Anishinaabek Research Review Committee in April 2019. The MARRCs role is to review research proposals and  provide recommendations to researchers seeking to engage in  research with First Nations on Manitoulin Island.

Who are we?

The MOCWE project produces original research and mobilizes findings to contribute to constructive and sustainable dialogue within and between rural communities and other wind turbine stakeholders.

The project is led by five principal investigators and supported by several graduate students in Northern Ireland and Canada (Ontario and Nova Scotia). Meet our team.

In M’Chigeeng First Nation, the project is managed by an Advisory Committee composed of three members of M’Chigeeng and two researchers from Western University.

Who is Funding?

The MOCWE project is funded funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

First Community Meeting

We kicked off the project on 25 July 2019 with a family-friendly townhall evening opened by Elder Eria and former Chief Joseph Hare. Members of the Advisory Committee explained the main project objectives and how members’ input would be sought.


32 interviews were conducted in M'Chigeeng in August and October 2019. The main findings are sumamrized below (click link or image).

Report on interview findings from M'Chigeeng-Western wind study partnership


In addition to the interviews, we launched in the spring of 2021 a survey to further understand what the MERE project means for Band members. While an interview allows to discuss topics in depth, it is often used with a small number of participants. A survey requires less time from each participant and is useful to collect information from a larger population.

Participants* can voluntarily enter a lottery draw for gift cards!

Those who complete the survey can enter 6 draws for gift cards of your choice 4 x $100 and 2 x $200 from the following:

canadian tire gift card
walmart gift card
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* We require contact information for this lottery, but that information is disconnected from your survey response and destroyed after the lottery draws.

Surveys ready to be labelled and mailed!

Next Steps

  • Scientific publications
  • Report
  • Summary of findings video
  • Community project reporting event